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Disrupter. Father. Entrepreneur.   

Michael Markey was born and raised in Michigan. He started his first business– a claw machine at a local restaurant– when he was just 14 years old. The success of his early business ventures and a Baseball scholarship helped pay Michael’s way through college. He began his college journey in community college, then graduated with a BA in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University, and has a master's degree from Harvard University. 

During the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes, Michael started Legacy Financial Network of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Legacy Financial has been incredibly successful and has received accolades and praise across the country. 

Michael learned from building successful businesses from the ground up how to disrupt the status quo and innovate with a results-focused mentality. From his years as a competitive baseball star, Michael learned to compete and always strive to be the best. He will bring these mindsets with him to Washington when he is elected to Congress come November. 

Michael and his wife Vanessa have three children, who Mike says challenge and delight them every day. They also have an enormous dog, a turtle, some bunnies, a duck, and other animals that his kids have brought home to “save”. 
Michael is a disrupter. He believes that Washington needs bold, new ideas that benefit Michiganders. Michael will disrupt the Washington status quo, not act as a crutch for the Washington establishment.

A day one Michigander, Michael Markey has spent his life creating jobs and getting things done for Western Michigan. Disrupting the status quo is in his DNA, and he is not done fighting for Western Michigan.

Since his days as a 14-year-old entrepreneur, Michael Markey has been doing what politicians only claim to do. Michael has built successful businesses, created jobs for Western Michigan, and disrupted the idea that you have to come from something to be someone. Now, he wants to give Western Michigan the same opportunities that he had.

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