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Holding Government Accountable

The American people fought for, and deserve, a free and transparent government that answers to ‘We the People.’ On day one, Michael will fight to reinstate the REINS Act to restrict government agencies from bypassing congressional approval for new regulations and spending. This will ensure public trust of America’s most sacred institutions and protect the integrity of American democracy.

The American people need a disrupter who won’t simply endorse the status quo. They deserve to know where their money is going, what their government is doing, and trust that their government is working for them. Michael will make sure that legislators, not presidents or unelected bureaucrats are legislating.


Fighting for Michigan, Not Washington

Michael knows that when elected, he will be representing the people of Western Michigan, not the special interests in Washington. Michigan needs a fighter in Washington. Someone who will advocate for Michigan and bring Michigan values to Washington.

Fighting for Michigan means fighting for the rights of the people of Michigan. Through battling government regulation and federal mandates, Michael will give the right to govern back to the people of Michigan. He will not cower to special interests and lobbyists who are more worried about their own interests than the interests of Michigan.


Reinvesting in America’s Future

As an entrepreneur, Michael has been creating jobs since he was 14 years old. He knows that it takes a disrupter to get things done. Michael will cut job killing regulation allowing for the companies that once flourished on American soil to come back to their roots. He will fight to reopen the Keystone Pipeline, invest in Nuclear Energy, and defend natural resources to create new jobs, reduce the price of gas, and usher in a new era of energy independence.

Michigan was once the world leader for technological innovation and manufacturing. Because of over regulation and big government interference, the United States is facing the worst economic crisis in recent memory. Michael will fight to bring jobs back to the United States, cut taxes on the American worker, and fix inflation so the American people do not have to choose between food and rent.

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Opening Trade Channels

The best way to usher in new economic growth is to open all channels of trade and the free flow of goods, services, and ideas. Michael believes that in order to combat inflation and drive down the cost of goods, there must be free and open trade with countries that produce goods.

Michael also believes that through free trade, jobs will come back to the United States and rebuild broken relations with America’s trade partners. The world is constantly growing and changing. Free trade allows the United States to remain competitive, innovative, and cooperative on the world stage.

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Cutting Taxes, Helping America

Today, the American economy is struggling. Inflation is putting a crippling tax on the American people and creating a hostile environment for all Americans. As inflation continues to play a role in everyday life, it will take a disrupter and out of the box solutions to build a stronger economy.

As a financial advisor, Michael is keenly aware of the issues facing middle class Americans. His experience gives him the unique ability to to identify, anticipate, and mitigate unintended consequences and pitfalls in legislation relating to the economy.

Michael is a job creator and economic expert. He knows that in order to get America back on the right track, the government is going to have to get out of the way, and cut taxes on the middle class and small businesses. In times of distress, the government should allow the free market to take its course and correct the government’s failures.


Advocating for Educational Freedom

A father of three, education is something that is personal for Michael. Michael knows that parents need to play a role in their children’s education. By banning radical curriculum in our schools, we will once again be teaching our children how to think, not what to think.

As a financial advisor, Michael understands that investing in the future is key to building a better portfolio. Our kids are that future. Michael will disrupt and reform the education status quo with school choice initiatives and innovative incentivizing programs. Michael will put parents in the driver's seat of their children’s education and future. We should no longer let Washington bureaucrats or zip codes confine our students to poorly managed school districts.

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Fighting for those who Fought for Us

Our veterans risked their lives defending the freedoms that we cherish as Americans. They deserve a fighter that will fight for them like they fought for us. Michael believes that Congress is not doing enough to support our veterans and he will be a fighter for those who fought for us.

Michael will fight for expanded VA resources in Western Michigan, advocate for mental health resources and funding for our veterans, and invest in those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Our veterans deserve someone who will fight for them and Michael will fight for them tooth and nail.

Defending Our Constitution

The United States is uniquely guided by a singular document authored by some of the most prominent men in world history. The United States Constitution is the shining light that makes this country so special. Recently, the Constitution has been under attack through rhetoric, legislation, and even direct assaults on our Republic. Michael will never turn his back on the Constitution, or his constituents. When he takes the oath to protect the Constitution from attacks both foreign and domestic, Michael will mean every single word of it.

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