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MARKEY: A Conservative Approach To Homeownership Will Help Us Achieve The American Dream

The American Dream looks different for everyone. For some it is having children and raising a family. For others, it is starting their own business. The beauty of the American Dream is that it is unique and tailored to our lives and aspirations.

One thing, however, remains uniform in the vast majority of every dream: homeownership.

The best way to build wealth, provide for your family and secure a successful future is through owning a home. But for many Americans, it is becoming unattainable.

The first business I opened was a claw machine at a local restaurant. I was 14-years old. Just before turning 15, I took those profits and bought my first rental property, and before turning 16, I bought my second.

Coupled with a baseball scholarship, these early investments helped put me through college.

For an overwhelming majority of Americans, this is not the reality.

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