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TikTok Was Only the Beginning of CCP Interference in the U.S. | Opinion

When the House of Representatives decided to force the Chinese parent company of TikTok to divest, it opened up a very important conversation that many people refuse to have. Throughout the United States, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is seeking to grow its influence, and TikTok is currently the most visible example.

But TikTok is not alone.

In my home state of Michigan, about an hour north of where my family lives, Gotion, a Chinese-owned company, is trying to build an electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing facility. The site of this new facility, which spans hundreds of acres, is just 100 miles from a major military installation, Camp Grayling.

The issue with the Gotion plant is not necessarily that the company is building EV batteries, though there certainly are issues with this push from the federal government (an opinion for another time).

The issue is the federal government and Michigan's state government handing over tax breaks and billions of dollars in subsidies to a Chinese company with clear allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party.

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