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America's Auto Industry Is Under Threat From China and Biden. We Have to Act Now | Opinion

The Chinese Communist Party is infamously known as the world's greatest replicator. Without respect for intellectual property rights or diplomacy, they infiltrate their adversaries, consume their data, and then create and distribute similar products for lower cost and cheaper quality.

It's what they do and have done for decades.

Coupled with troubling economic times, a President who does not realize the American people are suffering, and auto unions going on strike, our intellectual and national security is increasingly susceptible to China's tricks.

The greatest threat to our national security is the collection and redistribution of our intellectual property. Very rarely do we face threats of physical attacks by our adversaries. Instead, they use artificial intelligence, social media platforms, and technological advances to spy on average Americans.

Unique products and healthy competition mortar the foundation of our national economy. The Chinese Communist Party respects neither and is only concerned with becoming the world's largest producer.

In Michigan, just a hundred miles north of my family's home, the Chinese Communist Party has received nearly $750 million in kickbacks and government tax breaks to build an EV battery plant.

Michiganders have an issue with this.

Aside from the fact that electric vehicles and automation will be the death of the American auto industry, this plant will be built just a couple hundred miles south of Camp Grayling, which houses American troops and assists in training Taiwanese military leaders.


The Biden Administration and Democrats in Washington are doing nothing to protect the American auto industry, which is the driving force behind Michigan's economy. Instead, they are allowing a CCP-owned electric vehicle battery plant to be built a short drive from a major United States Military installation.

Gotion and its automated EV battery plant aren't the only threats to Michigan's auto industry. We're headed on strike. The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has officially gone on strike at a Ford plant here in Michigan. Their demands for higher wages and better working conditions are putting the strength of Michigan's economy at risk.

By demanding automakers meet EV production targets, the Biden Administration forced the hand of manufacturers who have had to inefficiently allocate resources towards the research and development of these technologies instead of focusing on actual market demands.

On top of Biden's failures, union bosses are putting our economy in jeopardy. With record-high car prices and historic interest rates, the auto industry is already at risk of collapse because the American people cannot afford to buy new cars.

Despite unprecedented government subsidies and tax breaks, which are a direct cost to taxpayers, electric vehicles are severely damaging U.S. automakers like Ford, which is expected to lose 4.5 billion dollars on electric vehicle sales. Average, middle-class Americans are unable to afford these alternatives to gas power, and with interest rates continuing to rise along with record-high MSRPs, the American people are having to prioritize their families best interests over the government's best interests.

As a financial advisor who studies economic trends, these factors are very concerning to me and my clients. The American auto industry needs to make some very important changes and do so quickly before it collapses.

Currently, electric vehicles are not sustainable alternatives to traditional combustion engines, and we should not be allowing foreign adversaries like China to build them and invest in American land and labor. We shouldn't be forcing American companies, taxpayers, and consumers to purchase a product competing with Bud Light for America's least favorite choice.

Lawmakers in Lansing and Washington need to stand up and put an end to this madness. We need leaders who will stand up to China and protect our national interests.

Mike Markey is the Republican candidate for Michigan's 3rd Congressional District.

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own. Read the original article here.


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